Keep It Local – Thyme in the Kitchen


Anyone who knows me has heard my infamous cooking stories. In fact, I have become notorious for what NOT to do when using a stove/oven. Yet, I haven’t met a cooking show that didn’t suck me in. I also have a collection of cookbooks that family and friends have given me over the years, in hope that I might actually learn to cook one day. (This is where I insert a good ol’ Southern “Bless their hearts.”) Still, when I heard about the new kitchen specialty store on Franklin Street, I knew I had to check it out. I figured if the staff could make me want to cook, the rest of the Tri-State would easily fall in love with the store.

The sign went up while I was there.

The sign went up while I was there.

“Thyme in the Kitchen” opened the day the recent snowstorm hit Evansville, so I had to wait almost a week before visiting. (They were open. I just couldn’t get there.) It was worth the wait. Upon walking in the store, I was greeted by several friendly employees. They showed me around the store and were extremely willing to entertain my questions. Each time I shared with them one of my cooking horror stories, they reminded me that the store will be offering cooking classes after the first of the year. They assured me that I would enjoy them and learn as much as I wanted. Either they humored me or they wanted a challenge. Regardless, I warned them that I do plan on attending some of the classes.

The Corksicle - one of my favorite items.

The Chillsner – one of my favorite items.

Who doesn't need Onion Goggles?

Who doesn’t need Onion Goggles?

Besides the friendly staff, the most noticeable aspect of the store for me was the design/layout. Displays were organized and colorful. There was a wide range of items and prices available. In the rear of the store, there was an absolutely gorgeous full-sized kitchen, filled with holiday items and decor. I was blown away by how the store screamed “fun” to me. It made me want to cook, so I knew it was a success. In fact, I ended up buying several Christmas presents for family & friends, as well as a few for myself.

Now this is how I cook!

Now this is how I cook!

Part of the full-sized kitchen

Part of the full-sized kitchen

This kitchen makes me want to learn to cook.

This kitchen makes me want to learn to cook.

While at the register, my sales associate Kristel asked if I had met Marcia, the owner of the store. Despite there being a steady stream of traffic in the store and several vendors present, Marcia took the time to speak with me and made sure I knew how much she appreciated my business.  I assured her I would definitely be back and planned to share their information with everyone I knew. She expressed sincere appreciation for the support.

For more information, visit “Thyme in the Kitchen” on Facebook or at their website. I hope this is one local business that everyone supports!

Gifts for everyone!

Gifts for everyone!


5 Celebrity Kitchens I’m Loving Right Now!

While I admit that I hate to cook and, quite frankly can’t cook, I do love to drool over sleek and/or interesting kitchens. Here are five of my favorite celebrity kitchens at the moment.


Gerard Butler’s kitchen is sleek yet rugged…much like his physique. Ha!


Giada’s is sleek & camera ready!


As eclectic as she is, Diane Keaton hand-picked every tile on the bar from a flea market.


Farmhouse charm is Angela Landsbury’s goal. Mission accomplished!


Lance Armstrong has the perfect mix of Colonial & Modern styles. I wonder if his chairs are still yellow…