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Say “Yes” to Staging

While the most common phrase a person hears regarding real estate is “location, location, location,” a close second should be “stage to sell.” So many buyers today expect what I like to call the “HGTV home” and lack imagination. There is nothing wrong with HGTV (in fact, I’m a big fan),  but the responsibility to show them the “wow” factor falls to the seller. Often, buyers are not sure of what they want in home. Therefore, the more the seller can do to help buyers envision themselves in a home, the more likely the buyers are to write an offer. When listing a vacant home, staging becomes of utmost importance. Almost as bad as tacky furniture and decor is NO decor.  To demonstrate my point, check out these pics of my listing at 1320 S. Ruston in Evansville, IN.  Think like a buyer and tell me which is easier to envision a future in.

Before Pics: The home is a perfect starter home with hardwood throughout.

3 (800x533)

Freshly painted living room

Dining room

Dining/Bonus Room – Buyers need help to envision how to use this space

Bedroom One

Not sure if your bed would fit in here, huh?

After Pics:  With help from {nu} life restoration, the house now feels like a home.

Living room one

Adorable living room space

Living room two

The furniture adds character & warmth


Not only does the space look warmer, but buyers know exactly how to use it.

The bed fits easily with lots of room to spare.

The bed fits easily with lots of room to spare.

Painting Woes? There’s an App for that!

Acting on the theory that a new coat of paint makes anything look better, Better Homes & Gardens has launched a new app for iOS devices that makes your painting skills look like that of a professional.

“How To Paint Anything” ($.99) is a nifty tool that tells you, step-by-step, how to apply paint to any surface you can imagine — door hardware, exterior doors, room divider screens, ceramic tile, and of course, walls and floors.

If you’ve never painted before, the app has information and videos on must-have painting tools, brushes, finishes and the all-important prep.

But even if you’re an old pro at painting, the app supplies handy shopping lists, directions, and bonus tips.

Some of my favorite bonus tips are as follows:

  1. Wait 30 days before painting newly installed brick.
  2. Painting laminate is a good temporary fix, but wear and water will compromise the finish over time.
  3. Because the labor involved in painting a house exterior is so extensive, don’t be tempted to use inexpensive paint.

What’s your favorite painting tip?