“Goal” Is The New Four Letter Word

Last week, I was focusing on setting some new goals for 2014. While doing so, I posted this tweet:

I have no doubt that 2014 will bring good things my way, both professionally and personally.

The responses were eye-opening and got me to thinking, “Why has goal become a four letter word?” Wasn’t I taught as a child that goals were a good thing? I posted the statement as an affirmation, a positive outlook for the coming year. Yet, only a handful of people took it that way. (Bravo to those who did. You’re my kinda people.)

I was flooded with several versions of the following:  “Next year will be better. It has to be. This year sucked.” Or the always popular, “I’m so sorry you had a bad year.” Um, what? Who said 2013 was bad? I certainly didn’t. In fact, 2013 was one of my best year’s ever, personally and professionally. I challenged myself in new ways, surpassed my yearly sales goal in August, traveled to new cities and made several new connections. I had far more positive experiences than negative ones, but everyone quickly assumed the worst.

When did wanting better for ourselves for each and every single day become a bad thing? Why are we as individuals so quick to assume the worst? Most importantly, what can I do to change it? I’m adding that question to my list of goals for 2014.

Would love to hear any and all thoughts!

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