Month: July 2013

Pardon the interruption…

This post has absolutely nothing to do with real estate markets, I admit. It is about an experience that just touched my heart. While showing homes on the westside of Evansville (Ok maybe it does have something to do with real estate after all),  I decided to take the opportunity to do my shopping at Walmart since I am rarely in the area. Does anyone look forward to going grocery shopping, especially at Wal-Mart? I would rather give blood than go there. If you know me at all, you  know how strong of a statement that is. So why did I go? I am a glutton for punishment, I suppose.

While walking through the store, I realized there are two words I never heard from anyone: “Excuse me.” The store was packed with rude, unaware people. Still, I was determined to stay positive and not be like the rest of the world. Suddenly, I heard a loud crash. When I turned around, I saw a lady with tears in her eyes and her sunglasses shattered on the floor. I helped her pick up the pieces and offered to help her fix them. She smiled through the tears and said, “No it’s just how my day has been.” “Sigh, don’t you hate those days?” I replied and walked down the aisle. I finished my shopping when I realized I forgot an item. I went back to the scene of the sunglasses accident and she was still there, sobbing in her hands. I asked her if everything was ok. She answered with “I wish I hadn’t even woken up today.” I said, “Nah, you always need to wake up. Now getting out of bed? There’s another story,” in an attempt to make her smile. She said, “No my newborn grandbaby died this morning and I lost my job for being at the hospital with my daughter. Now I have to feed everyone at my house for the service.” WHOA! Talk about a bad day. I stood there and talked to her for probably 20 minutes, just letting her cry and talk about things. When I was sure she was ok, I went to checkout. Staring at me were the gift cards. I promptly bought one and had the manager deliver it to her, so she could pay for her groceries without her knowing who was responsible. Did it cover everything? I have no clue but that wasn’t the point. Hearing her story made me extremely grateful for what I have and she needed to know there is something good in life.

Why am I telling you this? I assure you it isn’t for a pat on the back ’cause others can do so much more. I am telling you to prove that there is a silver lining in every situation. If you want to live in a better community, keep your eyes open for the chance to help someone. Nothing will change in your world unless you take initiative to change it. And yes, even the dreaded Wal-Mart can be a place to find some hope and brighten your day. I guarantee I was changed more by this lady than she was by me.