10 Easy Ways to Stand Out From the Competition


The quickest way to sell you home is to make sure it is market ready when you list it. Buyers scrutinize every detail in a home these days, so no project is too small. Here are 10 easy fixes/tips to help you stand out from your competition:

  1. Fix the little annoyances. You may think they’re so minor that people won’t notice, but they are usually items that make or break a potential deal. 
  2. Check light switches & face plates. Buyers will notice dirt, cracks and flip them on/off repeatedly. 
  3. Make sure your blinds are clean. I always encourage buyers to open the blinds and window coverings to let the natural light in. Dusty blinds & cobwebs are a turn-off. 
  4. Make sure kitchen drawers will open easily. 
  5. Change out rusty doorknobs. Living in a home, you get used to them. But buyers wonder what else has been neglected and make incorrect assumptions. 
  6. Fix leaky faucets. These are triggers for them to search out water damage, even if it’s been repaired years ago. 
  7. Secure rugs & thresholds to the floor. One small slip or trip can spell big trouble for you as a homeowner.

  8. Fix odors. Don’t assume that because you can’t smell anything, odors don’t exist. We grow accustomed to smells over time, so seek out a friend or your Realtor and ask their honest opinion. Be receptive to their comments because they are trying to help you sell your home as quickly as possible for as much money as possible. 
  9. Light up your entryway. Not only does it present a positive first impression, but it helps buyers and agents feel safe and secure. No one wants to tumble down a set of stairs or feel unsafe when trying to enter a home. This tip is particularly crucial in winter when the night arrives much earlier. 
  10. Leave the home during showings and open houses. There is nothing more uncomfortable for buyers, especially first-timers, than to have the owner in the home. Buyers won’t look as in-depth or give the necessary attention to items if they don’t feel comfortable. 


Would love to hear any and all thoughts!

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