Month: December 2012

5 Celebrity Kitchens I’m Loving Right Now!

While I admit that I hate to cook and, quite frankly can’t cook, I do love to drool over sleek and/or interesting kitchens. Here are five of my favorite celebrity kitchens at the moment.


Gerard Butler’s kitchen is sleek yet rugged…much like his physique. Ha!


Giada’s is sleek & camera ready!


As eclectic as she is, Diane Keaton hand-picked every tile on the bar from a flea market.


Farmhouse charm is Angela Landsbury’s goal. Mission accomplished!


Lance Armstrong has the perfect mix of Colonial & Modern styles. I wonder if his chairs are still yellow…

Tips for Winter Home Sellers

Buying and selling a home during the off season14775608

A common myth of real estate is that homes don’t sell during winter. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I find that the serious buyers are more active during the winter months. Think about it…would you brave the cold and yucky weather for something you really weren’t serious about? Since the buyers do tend to be serious about purchasing, home owners can capitalize on a few tips to set their home apart from the others.

  1. Clear snow and ice away from walkways and stairs. If you live in an area with lots of snow and ice, keep walking areas salted and shoveled. Buyers and agents want to see that your home is well maintained, and, of course, you’re not likely to “wow” anyone if they fall on the way in and break a leg. 
  2. Stage it outside. Even if the grass is brown and the patio is snow-covered, you can still do some outdoor staging. Tasteful winter wreaths and garlands can make your home seem welcoming. Just like inside the house, pick decorations that will appeal to a wide variety of buyers — blow-up snow globes and giant plastic Santas are  no-nos.  It adds to clutter & unless they buyer’s last name is Griswold, gaudy decorations are a surefire way to kill the deal.
  3. Make it cozy. When it’s cold outside, a toasty, warm interior is sure to appeal to buyers. If you have a wood or gas stove or fireplace, a showing or open house is the perfect time to light it up and show it off. Burn some scented candles and place warm, fuzzy throws on the furniture to make your house seem even homier.
  4. Clean up your windows. In the winter, dull & dusty windows can go unnoticed. Making them sparkling clean will let much-needed light in. You can have a gorgeous room, but if the windows are dirty, it won’t matter. Pull back dark window treatments and add a shade or valance for a touch of color. Or, you can also replace window treatments with white sheers for an elegant look.
If you live in the Evansville, Indiana area and are thinking about selling or buying, I would love to help you with suggestions or a free market analysis!