The Bed That Makes Itself

If unmade beds are a bone of contention in your home, OHEA, a Spanish furniture company, has a solution. They created a bed frame that straightens out pillows and a blanket in only 50 seconds.

When I first heard about this smart bed, my OCD self was cheering. Growing up in a military family, making my bed was expected. To this day, I have trouble functioning if it isn’t made when I leave the house.  Apparently, my husband did not have the same upbringing.  

But after a closer look, I realized the OHEA Smart Bed wouldn’t pass the test for someone who’s finicky about her corners and such.

It’s a very basic bed-making system that straightens out a single blanket using mechanical arms and rollers. While this is happening, there are two levers that gently “reset” your pillows by placing them on top of the flattened cover.

You can see the OHEA Smart Bed in action in this video:

This isn’t really bed-making. For starters, there’s no sheet and blanket tucking, except at the bottom of the bed, and what if you sleep with piles of covers? This system can only juggle a thin duvet and two measly pillows. In addition, if you kick your blanket or pillows out of place, the bed frame won’t be able to reset them.

But, hey, I imagine the first dishwasher wasn’t so great either.

Hopefully the next version of this smart bed will be able to neaten up piles of blankets. If I’m really lucky, it might teach me how to fold a fitted sheet!

Would love to hear any and all thoughts!

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