Month: November 2012

6 Funny Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Everyone knows how much I love to laugh and make others laugh. As someone who used to perform stand-up comedy, I firmly believe that if we stop laughing, we stop laughing. What better time to laugh than around the holidays when we are surrounded by our crazy families and friends? To help you share the gift of laughter, here are 8 gift suggestions, guaranteed to get a laugh.

Perfect for the notorious late people!

1. This clock is available from Jennifer Morand on Etsy for around $35. Rather than constantly nag that person who is always running late, why not make a joke about it? I’m sure both of you will get a good laugh. You might make them more conscious in the process.



For the aspiring artist!

2. Is dinnertime a constant battle at your house? Tired of kids playing with their food & not eating it? These plates, available from Amazon, are guaranteed to make meals more interesting. Who knows? You might be raising the next Andy Warhol. I think they also could provide fun for a girls’ night in/wine party. Prizes to the most creative.


No you’re not drunk…

3. This inverted bookshelf is guaranteed to spark some funny conversations at your next gathering. It comes from Instructables user fungus amungus, who managed to apparently defy gravity. The secret to this design is a clever placement of elastic, holding each book tied to the shelf. 


Marking their territory

4.  Do you get sick of hearing couples fight about who steals the covers, who takes up too much space and who sleeps on each side? This is the perfect solution. This bedding set, available from, is sure to generate some humorous reactions from the guilty parties. 


5 Mind blowing concept

5.  This light-up wine glass is guaranteed to blow your guests’ minds. How does it work? As the bottle touches the glass, the glass lights up. As you tip the glass over, the light dims. All done with simple proximity detectors. To view it in action, check out the video.  This gift is sure to spark more drinking, thus making your guests more entertaining. HA! 


Hooked on Humor

6.  As the spouse of a contractor, I constantly find paintbrushes sitting around, crusty and useless. Luckily, designer Dominic Wilcox has shown me how to put these to good use. Rather than just have boring hooks to hang guests’ coats on, using these will get the conversation started. Their reactions will be priceless!


8 Super-Secret Hiding Places for Holiday Gifts

Whether it is a nosy spouse or a curious kid that can’t wait for the holidays, you need a good hiding place for those gifts until you find time to get them wrapped and under the tree. Here are a few ideas to help you out:

1. Borrow a friend’s house. Swap storage spaces with a trusted friend or neighbor, and you won’t spoil any surprises. This is particularly useful if you’re buying someone a big present, like a bicycle or a car — you might talk a neighbor into letting you borrow space in their garage until Christmas morning.

2. Pop the trunk. This won’t work if you have an SUV or hatchback, but if you’ve got a car with a trunk that’s closed off from the backseat, it’s a primo place to hide gifts. Small children will never get in there.

3. Make your office work for you. If your office is a safe, secure place, squirrel some presents there. This is only an option if you work out of your home, though — home offices are prime targets for prying eyes.

4. Take stock of kitchen pots. Got a huge stock pot? Unless you’re planning to make a giant vat of soup anytime soon, the stock pot can hold a load of small gifts, and chances are your family will never think to look there.

5. Make use of your underwear drawer. Small presents can easily fit there. Your spouse probably won’t hesitate to look there, but your kids might stop short of rifling through your skivvies. (We hope.)

6. Crack the crawl space. If you don’t mind a little dirt and some creepy-crawlies, the crawl space can hold some sizable presents. Don’t store anything there for too long, though — unless your crawl space is insulated. Moisture and temperature changes could damage items. Plastic toys are OK to keep outside; electronics should be stored inside.

7. Rent a storage space. If you’ve got a ton of presents to hide, you’ll need to look outside your house. Some storage units offer one-month-minimum specials for as low as $25. Check the storage units in your area for deals.

8. Go for the cleaning supply closet. Worst-case scenario: Your kids might find presents there, but they’d also find the cleaning supplies, which means they might actually clean something. Now that would be a Christmas miracle.

Where do you hide holiday presents?