Definition of Irony

How’s this for irony? There’s a glass house for sale in Washington DC. I wonder if there’s a politician brave enough to purchase it.

While I don’t reveal who I vote for in most elections, I can safely reveal that this dramatic, glass-enclosed house in Washington DC gets my vote. Currently listed for $2.95 million, it boasts some of the coolest features in the city.

A 35-foot indoor pool runs the length of the ground floor and is surrounded by a tiled pool deck and soaring windows. While youโ€™re taking a dip, you have two views to choose from: the adjacent patio with a waterfall or the overhead atrium extending all the way to the third floor balcony.

The homeโ€™s main level has an open floor plan encompassing the kitchen, dining room and two living spaces. Gorgeous hardwood floors and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are accentuated by sunlight pouring in through the walls of glass.

A floating staircase leads up and out to a green roof lined with gravel, small boardwalks and plants. Whatโ€™s more, the wooded perimeter of the half-acre property provides privacy and allows homeowners to fully enjoy this urban retreat.

While there is the final Presidential debate tonight, there is no debate about what a steal this home is!



  1. I’d be scared to death in that house at night but boy oh boy do i want that kitchen and lazy river/swimming pool!!!!

  2. I’d die with the lack of privacy! Every single little light I saw, I’d be moving. Wonder how we can get a lazy river? I’m lucky I get a bathtub LOL

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