High-Tech Homes

I admit to being a technology geek. If there is a device designed to make life simpler or faster (or simply more fun), chances are good that I have it. Blending my two loves, technology and real estate, I scoured the internet for high-tech homes currently on the market. Now it’s time to share some of my favorites with my readers. 

This can be yours for $2.39 million!

1.  Cape Coral, Florida: If you have always wanted a pool boy that plays Beethoven, this is your dream home. Not only can you set the home’s alarm from your phone or tablet anywhere in the country, but this home also offers the ability to steer the high-tech, infrared security cameras from your device. The homeowner can set the whole house audio to play Beethoven or start the pool’s jets with the touch of one button on the corresponding app. 

2.  Austin, Texas:  This listing at 5800 Gibbs Hollow Cove offers its owner all the bells and whistles a person could ever want. The high-tech Savant automation system controls every aspect of this incredible home right from a phone or tablet. The owner can turn on/off every light in the house with a push of a button. The privacy and security features are incomparable with seven video cameras, which the owner can steer with the touch of a button from the app. There is also a 1,000 pound onyx front door and a Schweiss hydraulic 3-car hanger garage door, also controllable from a phone or tablet. Too much to process? No worries. There is also a 2,200 bottle wine cellar. 

3.  Evergreen Colorado:  Priced at $18 million, this 4 bedroom, 7 bath home is one that would make the CIA proud. Night-vision cameras monitor the interior and exterior and can be watched from a laptop, phone or tablet with Apple software anywhere in the world. Thermal-imaging cameras working in conjunction with special software can track even a hand print on a wall, up to 20 minutes after it appears. A detection system can issue an alert for water leaks at every sink and toilet, as well as any sudden 10-degree rise in temperature. The owner can change codes and access permissions instantly from anywhere.

4.  Lake Geneva, Wisconsin:  Whispering Oaks Lodge features the most natural light a person could ever want. Boasting 164 windows,  the views of the nearby lake are impossible to ignore. Worried about privacy? All of the 164 windows feature automated windows and drapes. Touch a button to open or close all of the windows at once, or open them individually. Forget to close a window when you leave? Fear not: These windows sense the rain and shut themselves in a downpour. How cool is that?

All photos & details courtesy of HGTV & Realtor.com, as well as local MLS services.

Would love to hear any and all thoughts!

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