No Malarkey Mansions!

With the Vice Presidential debate last night, the candidates are the talk of the town today. While politics tend to be divisive, I am more interested in the homes of the men who helped make “malarkey” a household word again. 

Vice President Biden’s not so humble abode…

Vice President Biden bought his Delaware home located at 1209 Barley Mill Road in 1996 for a mere $350,000. Located in a prestigious Wilmington suburb, the home was a true “fixer upper”, complete with boarded up windows and scheduled to be demolished. Vice President Biden bought the home and surrounding acreage and began extensive renovations. His hard work paid off because today the 6 bedroom, 6 bath home is valued slightly over $1.6 million.

Be ready for family nearby…

Located in Janesville, Wisconsin, Vice Presidential candidate Ryan’s home was built by the founder of Parker Pen Company, George Parker.  The Georgian Revival style mansion also boasts 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, but only cost Ryan $421,000 when he purchased the home in June. Family must be important to Ryan because there are eight other Ryan households within a 6 block radius. Let’s hope for their sake they all get along.

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