The Ultimate Souvenir for MLB fans

Remember when it was cool to get a ball from your favorite player? Did you cherish that foam finger you used to cheer on your favorite baseball player?  

Now the latest trend is for fans to purchase the ultimate souvenir: the very home where their favorite player lived. In case you are in the market (or simply curious like myself), here are a few homes currently on the market.

16 bathrooms isn’t enough for Beltre…

1.  Adrian Beltre:  This mansion is on the market for $19,500,000. It is located just outside of Los Angeles, where Beltre played for seven seasons. Boasting 16 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms, it also offers an eight car garage. Worried about practicing your homerun swing in such a tight neighborhood? No worries. There is an indoor batting cage!

Papelbon is ready to get out of Boston.

2.  Jonathan Papelbon:  After spending seven seasons as a Boston Red Sox, Papelbon was traded to the Phillies…a move which I personally appreciated when I watched him blow the game I attended in Philly this year.  Ready to cut all ties with Boston, Papelbon’s 2,500 square foot penthouse is on the market for a mere $3.1 million. Hopefully the new owner of this 4 bedroom, 3 bath home will be a Red Sox fan because the home also features a nursery that is decorated with seats from Fenway Park.

Fit for a Hall of Famer

3.  John Smoltz:  This is sweet, Southern living at its finest. Smoltz’s mansion is located outside of Atlanta, where he spent 20 of his 21 seasons and earned his spot as a future Hall of Famer. Set on 22 acres, this home is a sports fan’s dream.  Smoltz is known for his love of golf, so there is a full 18-hole golf course in his backyard. There is also a baseball diamond, fishing pond, jogging trail, basketball court, football field and tennis court. Upon entry into the 18,265 square foot home, it only gets better. There are 10 bedrooms and 14 baths along with six fireplaces and an eight car garage. Sounds like heaven to me!

Teixeria’s home isn’t too popular with Rangers fans…

4. Mark Teixeria:  Tex spent his first five seasons in Texas as a Ranger and since leaving, his 8,554 square foot home has been on and off the market. Considering that it boasts 5 bedrooms and 8 baths, a wetbar movie theater room, a two level office and a game room, I have to assume it’s either overpriced at $3,995,000 or Rangers fans are still bitter at him for leaving. (This Braves fan is, too.)


Would love to hear any and all thoughts!

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